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Who We Are

John and Heather Witherow and their three boys, Micah, Jake and Caleb are delighted to be serving with OC Africa since 2006.

Love God            Love Others          Celebrate Failure          Be Wise

These are the values which guide the Witherow family in life and ministry. John and Heather are passionate about encouraging, strengthening and supporting ministry leaders and educators in their walk with Jesus Christ in southern Africa.

What We Do

John coordinates OC Africa’s training, networking and relief programs in Zimbabwe. He is OC Africa’s coordinator of the Pastoring of Pastors Network (POPnet) which serves in areas throughout southern Africa. POPnet aims to develop and enhance the relationships of ministry leaders and their spouses to experience growth, health and hope. John is excited about helping pastors and ministry leaders grow and cultivate a strong and vibrant relationship in Christ.

Heather mentors and trains teachers in informal settlements; such as Finetown, South Africa. She provides primary teacher staff development in rural Zimbabwe. Helping teachers improve their instruction techniques, enhance their classroom management skills, and motivate them to instill a love of life-long learning in their students is Heather’s passion. She is OC Africa’s coordinator for Early Childhood Development and Early Literacy Staff Development.

What We Offer

John coaches, facilitates and helps promote positive change in church and ministry leaders and their congregations. John meets with churches and their leaders to guide them through a change process; leading to church health and church growth.

John coaches pastors and their spouses to experience spiritual and emotional growth and health in their relationships through Pastoring of Pastors (POPnet) workshops.

Heather develops fun, interactive and inspiring workshops for preschool and primary teachers in informal settlements and rural areas. Her workshops are Christ-centred and focus upon early childhood development and early literacy instructional strategies.