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Who We Are

Karl and Jenny Teichert are serving the Lord as missionaries with OC Africa in South Africa. They moved to Johannesburg, South Africa in November 1997 with their four children; Ann, Scott, Stephen, and John. Karl serves as the Africa Area Director for OC International.

What We Do

Karl and Jenny’s vision is to see a healthy, Bible-based church established in every un-reached village and community in South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and beyond. Their strategy is to partner with key African church leaders to research, train, and mobilize the body of Christ to complete the Great Commission. They are striving to equip local leaders in Southern Africa to reach their nations for Christ and send missionaries into other countries as well.

Jenny enjoys leading Bible Studies to help women grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition, she provides support for a home-based care program for HIV positive patients in Finetown, South Africa.

In addition, Jenny facilitates fun, interactive Sunday School workshops to help teachers share the love of Jesus Christ.

What We Offer

Karl’s ministry focuses on research, church planting, and leadership development training  throughout the continent of Africa. 

Jenny shares practical techniques, inspiring ideas and creative resources to assist Sunday School teachers in applying God’s word to their lives and in the lives of the children they serve.

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