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Who We Are

Paul and Barbara Siaki and their children, Dominic, Michaela, and Isabelle feel blessed to live and serve the Lord in beautiful South Africa since 1998. Paul and Barbara were raised in the Philippines as missionary children. They met at a missionary school, Faith Academy. Their lifelong dream is to continue the work their parents did by serving the Lord on the foreign field.

What We Do

Paul was the founding pastor of a Fresh Expression church—which seeks to do “Church Unusual” not “church as usual.” Its vision is to reach out to people who may have found church irrelevant in the past or do not yet know Christ. Paul and Barbara continue to encourage and consult with Church Unusual. Paul is no longer acting in a pastoral leadership role but is now very involved in helping people start their own Fresh Expressions and mentoring those who are in church planting themselves. He leads the Johannesburg Fresh Expressions Team and is a regular presenter for the Mission Shaped Ministry course.

Paul serves on the board of Growing the Church Portfolio for the Anglican denomination and coordinates efforts locally in the diocese of Johannesburg. Paul is very active in implementing a disciple making movement in Gauteng Province and beyond.

Paul also serves as a guest lecturer in a number of seminaries.

Barbara teaches Sunday School teachers how to make their Sunday School classes fun and meaningful. She mentors young girls as part of a youth outreach in Zandspruit, an informal settlement, outside of Johannesburg. Barbara is also a fourth grade teacher at the Kings School.


What We Offer

Throughout his time in South Africa, Paul has taught in conferences and at seminaries about God's mission heart and the need for planting dynamic, relevant churches. He also serves as a guest preacher in churches throughout South Africa.

Barbara teaches and facilitates Sunday School workshops in rural areas and local townships. Her Sunday School workshops focus on creating fun activities using recycled materials and inexpensive items.

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