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Who We Are

Jay and Sarah Gerhart have served with OC Africa in southern Africa since 1998. Their passion is in discipling nations through transformed lives.  Their focus is on discipling nationals to grow as godly, kingdom-oriented leaders.  Two years ago the Lord opened the way for them to minister in Zimbabwe, a small country to the north of South Africa. Jay and Sarah are keen to see lives transformed by the power of Jesus Christ to impact every sphere of influence in Zimbabwe.

Jay and Sarah have three sons. Thomas and Graham live in Cape Town, South Africa.  John-Samuel lives and home schools with his parents in Zimbabwe.


What We Do

Jay and Sarah dedicate themselves to wholistic discipleship to empower people to fulfill their potential in Christ. They accomplish this by discipling university students, growing godly women in leadership positions, fostering discipleship making movements, and mentoring and encouraging local leaders.

What We Offer

The Gerharts offer strong and creative teaching gifts to the church in Zimbabwe. Jay is passionate about training ministry and lay leaders to think biblically and live out of a Biblical world view. Sarah loves to teach, mentor and disciple women in various spheres of society.

Jay and Sarah assist in propelling congregations and individuals forward in their pursuit of the Kingdom of God. They offer workshops which aim to assist ministry and lay leaders understand and apply the truth of God to their lives in tangible and meaningful ways. In addition, they provide guidance to help the church become the primary vehicle to rebuild the nation on a strong Biblical foundation. Jay and Sarah are well-equipped to consult in the area of community development.