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This book - A Cry for Intimacy with God - initially only available as a hard copy version is now available here as an eBook in .epub format.

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Willie Botha
David Bulger
Karl Teichert

The need for pastoral leadership training in South Africa has been apparent for many years, but an accurate and comprehensive picture of the holistic development needs facing Christian leaders across South Africa has previously never been adequately researched… until now!
Finally, after ten years of scientifically verifiable research, Willie Botha, David Bulger and Karl Teichert have produced a document which is invaluable for the future of the church in South Africa. It answers a number of key questions, including what gaps exist and what urgent needs face Christian leaders in various locations, denominations and cultural segments. It lays a critical foundation for addressing these needs and provides stimulus for further research.

Dr Reuben van Rensburg
South African Theological Seminary

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