Pastor and author Tim Keller stated, “In sharp contrast with our culture, the Bible teaches that the essence of marriage is a sacrificial commitment to the good of the other. That means that love is more fundamentally action than emotion.”

OC Africa believes that a strong and vibrant marriage contributes to strong and vibrant families and churches.

OC Africa offers a marriage course for couples who desire a life-giving and long-lasting relationship and seek the good of their spouse.

OC Africa provides an engaging course to married couples utilizing the video series, “Love and Respect” based upon the captivating and helpful work of international author, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. According to Dr. Eggerichs, love is what best motivates a woman and respect is what best empowers a man in relationship.  According to Dr. Eggerichs’ research, marital conflict most often erupts when one of these values and needs is harmed or violated.

The “Love and Respect” workshop occurs over two full weekends in a home setting. Other settings are available as well.

Married couples view thought-provoking and humorous sessions on marriage in short segments. Throughout the two weekend experience, the course participants discuss their own thoughts, impressions and experiences in a warm, accepting and non-judgmental atmosphere as they consider the topics presented and how they may apply to their marriages.

Notes are also provided.

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